Monday, August 12, 2013

Contempt, Pure and Unadulterated

Sebastian TBFKASIH links to an article in the Baltimore Sun that just drips w/ contempt and disdain for firearm owners:

betraying public safety

But here's the real tipper,  'As a mother' and 'I'm a mom'... emotional arguments right out of the playbook. Just who is this average, everyday 'mom'?  Why the Maryland chapter 'leader' and longtime spokesperson of 'Mom's Demand Action' who's been w/ the group since they were called 'One Million Moms for Gun Control'  (a verboten word by the playbook, hence the name change).  So, iow, a professional anti-gun advocate who doesn't reveal her background in the article.

This is what anti-gun activists think of firearm owners. There can be no debate w/ those infected w/ this social disease.

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