Friday, August 16, 2013

Gamers 3: Hands of Fate

The latest edition of the Gamers series of movies has been released by ZOE and company.  I was one of the earliest sponsors of this film when it came on Kickstarter and a good friend of mine is actually shown (for about 2 sec) in the crowd scene near the end.

The Gamers: Hands of Fate from ZombieOrpheus on Vimeo.

Cass and the group are on an extended gaming break because of this thing called life.  During that time he meets 'Natalie', a 'card flopper' and takes the challenge to win the world championship of the game to go on a date w/ her. To do so, he must defeat a team called 'The Legacy' who are dedicated to ruining the game for fans by changing the storyline to suit their own ends.

If you were expecting Gamers 2 part 2, this isn't it. The film is mostly focused on Cass at Gen Con.   The extended release is supposed to contain lots more footage of the rest of the group but I think this really hurts the film. I'm going to be a negative nancy and say I didn't feel for any of the new secondary characters (and that's all they are) introduced in the film. Unlike G2, more time is spent in the 'real world' than in the game world.  Although the story of that world is very well developed, I still didn't get a 'feel' for it.  Full admission though, I've never been a card game player.  Also unlike G2, there are very few memorable one liners that people will be calling out over game sessions.

And the 'Chibi-Chan' storyline was just plain annoying.

I think my biggest issue was w/ language.  There was some in G2 (and none in Journey Quest) but I could still let my kids watch it w/ me.  Not w/ this. This will limit me from watching it as well while the kids are around.

Overall I'ld give the Gamers 3: Hands of Fate a 2.5/5.  It will be a nice addition to my DVD collection but it won't be a regular view.

A different review viewpoint here.

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LWJ said...

I am glad that production values are going up, but the first is still my favorite. JourneyQuest keeps getting better and better in all aspects. I wouldn't mind seeing a new Demon Hunters.