Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Recoil Therapy

Took out the Mosin because my shoulder got me mad and to try out a new bench rest.

Much more comfortable than the old V-stick that was attached to the bench previous. Also learned something new, the PU style scope got shifted WAY off so I had to re-zero it. It was far enough off I had to go by gravel spray before I even got it on the board.  Once I got that, it only took a few rounds to get it back to zero. This time I noted the numbers for zero in case it gets shifted again. 

Hopefully tomorrow some more lead will be expended.

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1 comment:

Roger said...

MidwayUSA sells a slip on recoil pad
that eases the pain of a Mosin steel buttplate. (Designed to test the toughness of Russian soldiers.)
They are about $15.00 and a very worthy addition to a Mosey, both easing recoil & adding about 3/4" to the stock length.