Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gun Owners on Magazine Bans

IL State Senator Kotowski, an Joyce Foundation anti-gun award recipient, claims that he received countless calls from gun owners wanting magazine bans and that only the 'gun industry' and 'lobbyists' opposed the idea.

Well pretty much any advocate knows that's a bunch of crap but anecdotes don't equal data so I did a poll.  After a few HTML glitches, there were approx 500 votes total.

The results?  95%+ of firearm owners polled opposed restricting magazines to 10 rnds or less.

Some interesting factoids.

An attempt by an anti-gunner to influence the poll resulted in less than a dozen votes.

W/ 500 respondents, it makes my poll twice as viable as the 20 yr old '40% private sales' poll by anti gun researchers Cook/Ludwig w/ only 251 respondents.

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