Thursday, June 6, 2013

Madison County, IL Constitutional Carry

Prosecutor for Madison Cnty, IL states he won't prosecute people carrying concealed as long as they're following the law, have a FOID, and keep it concealed. 
People must meet these conditions:
1. Must be issued and possess a valid F.O.I.D. card or, if not an Illinois resident, a valid concealed carry permit from a state that performs a background check prior to issuance of the permit; and
2. Must be carrying the firearm for self-defense; and
3. Must not be prohibited from possession of a firearm under another statute or court order; and
4. Must keep the firearm concealed on their person or in their vehicle, and not visible to the public; and
5. Must not be engaged in any criminal conduct; and
6. Must be in compliance with all other federal, state and local laws and ordinances; and
7. Must, when asked, inform law enforcement officers of the firearm when in contact with an officer in the course of their duties. It is essential that individuals cooperate with any police officer and inform them of the presence of the firearm prior to removing it from its concealed location. Displaying the firearm at a public location or without the request or knowledge of an officer could constitute a violation of the law.
If only we could get that for the state.I know what several people will be doing tomorrow.  :)

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Weer'd Beard said...

That is so reasonable.

The antis must HATE it!

Anonymous said...

I do not live in IL.

But What happens if you are arrested by the IL State Police or some other state police agents in his county? Couldn't you be prosecuted by the state?