Thursday, June 6, 2013

Said It Since Day One

Some test community officials maintain that fielding UCP was a mistake that could have been avoided. Two separate studies performed by Army scientists from Natick Soldier Systems Center, Mass. -- one completed in 2009 and the other in 2006 -- showed that the UCP performed poorly in multiple environments when compared to other modern camouflage patterns.
In both studies, MultiCam, a pattern popular with Special Operations Forces, outperformed UCP, the pattern the Army adopted in 2004 to replace the service's woodland and desert camouflage uniforms.
Some General and/or Politicians decided they wanted a cool digital pattern but didn't want to copy the Marines. So they chose a universal(ly bad) pattern that stood out everywhere.

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Unknown said... The only reported place where UCP excels.

hazmat said...

About the only thing worse than the ACU is the Air Force ABU.

JTwig said...

While this suck when our Armed Forces are fighting over in another country, its actually a little comforting for when they get turned loose upon the citizens of this nation.