Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Stupid! It Hurts

If you can make it through this video and not lose IQ points, I applaud you:

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Anonymous said...

Just like I pointed out on the Truth about Guns last night, men who aren't men are the men who want gun control. Look at what he's wearing. And he has a purse. Please!

Thirdpower said...

Now I have no problem w/ 'men who aren't men'. It's the absolute levels of stupidity that this person (likely a voter) shows that's the biggest problem.

And honey, that jacket w/ that purse? Girlfriend, please.

chiefjaybob said...

I made it almost 2.5 minutes. The smugness and-- typical for a big-city liberal-- absolute CONVICTION that he is right and can't be proven wrong was too much. I love the "no true Scotsman" argument he trots out when he is shown that his numbers on killings and injuries is completely wrong.

Archer said...

OW! OW! The stupid! It BURNS!!!

I made it through the whole thing, but I sense irreparable harm to my cranial cavity.

I love his argument: The best thing is to teach people, but we still need to ban everything that COULD hurt someone. That paired with the belief that the government is using high crime numbers to try to ban guns while artificially lowering the crime numbers to make itself look good, presents a galaxy-class level of stupidity.

[P.S.: As proof of my cranial damage, I had to go to to find the word "artificially", because my brain wouldn't do it on its own. Thanks a lot, Thirdpower! LOL!]

TS said...

Knives that don't cut... Brilliant! Why can't I think of these things.

TS said...

Actually, I'm horribly misrepresenting his position. He wants knives designed to cut chicken flesh, but not human flesh. Come on, engineers! if we can put a man on the moon, we can do this.

TS said...

And while we're at it, let's make it glow blue when orcs are nearby. Can't hurt.

1 With A Bullet said...

My first thought:

Second thought: Science!