Tuesday, June 4, 2013

30 Day Stay Granted on IL CCW

As reported by IL-GUNLOBBY.

So Quinn gets until July 9th to sign it and the 'Home Rule' districts get another 30 days to try and pass as many long gun bans/restrictions as they think they can get away w.

Politics in action.

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Archer said...

Something tells me the "home rule" restrictions were the whole point of requesting an extension on the stay. Madigan (both of them) knows CCW is passing - sure, Quinn can veto it but the legislature has the votes to override him - so she's buying time for the cities/counties to pass as much as they can before pre-emption kicks in.

Anonymous said...

And they wonder why we won't negotiate... give them an inch, they play games and try to take a little more... Moving to Kentucky was the best decision I've ever made....

In reality I doubt this has much impact on the home rule garbage, most anywhere that has the public support for this type of junk already has it on the books...