Friday, June 7, 2013

Illinois Tax Dollars for Lobbying

A few weeks ago I asked some questions on who funded Newtown parents to come to Illinois to lobby for anti-gun bills.  Turns out that at least in part it was the Illinois Taxpayers.
With two weeks to go until the end of the spring session, Governor Quinn, the Newtown parents and leading lawmakers are working to pass this legislation. The Newtown parents will travel to Springfield on Sunday evening where they will stay in the governor’s mansion. They will also meet with legislators at the Capitol on Monday to discuss their experiences and the necessity of this public safety measure in Illinois.
So with Illinois' credit rating reduced to lowest in the nation due to near insolvency of the state, how much did this cost Illinois taxpayers to fund Quinn's personal political agenda?  Directly through what was spent hosting them and the loss of business to local hotels. 

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Old NFO said...

The bigger question is who's jet are they using to fly all over the country??? Bloomie's???