Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just Read the Thread

First read Miguel's expos'e on the Astroturf group Mom's Demand Lovin'.

Then read the comment thread that ensued after I posted it on Elliot Fineman's NG(V)AC page.

PuSH'ers will do/say anything to change the subject and act as apologists for their pet cause.

Of course this is probably more action than Elliot's seen in a long time.

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ISH (Mininerd) said...

My comment, before it gets turned into Reasoned Discourse(tm):

"Why does it matter if crime is up, down, or plateaued? Basic human rights are not negotiable or subject to market conditions. I don't give up my right to freedom of religion simply because church attendance goes down and the Archbishop decides all them Jews and Atheists need to start filling pews. I don't give up my freedom of speech simply because newspaper sales plummet and the editor of the Detroit Free Press wants to close down my and others' blogs. I don't lose my protection against self-incrimination because some other asshole committed perjury. I sure as hell don't lose my right to defend myself and my family because other people are violent criminals... in fact, it is BECAUSE other people are violent criminals that I need the right tools to exercise that right.

I look forward to this comment being flushed down the memory hole."

TS said...

Hilarity ensues.

I would have loved to hit Jenny “MDA is Muscular Dystrophy Association” Lando with something like: “UBC? What does the United Brotherhood of Carpenters have to do with this?”- But alas it would be a little too George Constanza to come in with that now…