Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Kotowski Poll

IL Senator Dan Kotowski (IL-28-D.A*)stated in his temper tantrum that only the 'Gun Industry/Lobbyists' want 'High Capacity' Magazines of more than 10 rounds and that 'regular, law abiding' gun owners want them banned.

Is this true?  Take the poll.

Please don't answer if you're an official 'Gun Industry' Lobbyist or a Gun Industry.

Note:  For some reason, the 'widget' dropped 300 'No' votes from the tally. Each time at the 100's.and at least a couple of 'yes' votes.  I removed and reset it. Try again please.

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lee n. field said...


Thirdpower said...

Look to the left.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Norway, but i dared to vote anyway. As a gunowner and member of dynamical shooting (practical shooting) having magazines above 10rounds is nescessary to practice the sport. I don't see why they're going after the high capacity magazines, they're perfectly legal in almost all european nations.

Harry K said...

I sent a very professional email to the senator yesterday telling him that Not ONLY does the gun lobby represent me, I AM part of the gun lobby. I also let him know that I took offense to the "screw the gun lobby" comment as he essentially said "SCREW YOU". These cook county democrats have quite the ego to believe he represents US. What a tool.........

d nova said...

ur widget does not accept yes votes. not for long, anyway. the guy i got the link from said he voted yes, but it said 0 yeses when i got here. so i voted yes, n it registered no. so i used the change vote option, n it stayed yes till i went away n came back n found yes reset to 0. i tried without success to change my vote again, but nothing happened.