Friday, July 1, 2011

Define 'Ban' please

During Rep. Cumming's anti-gun 'forum', VPC's Policy Director Kirsten Rand stated:
"No one wants to ban 'standard' rifles, shotguns or handguns."
Well besides the fact that the VPC has long called for complete handgun and semi-auto bans, they put out a report calling for common bolt-action rifles to be classified the same as machineguns under the guise of 'Intermediate Sniper Rifles'.

But that's not really a 'ban' as all you'ld have to do is pay an extra $200 and go through months of hassle to eventually get your gun. Right?

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Gudis said...

Also be sure to define "standard". The AR 15 pattern is very definition of standard, with damn near every gun maker in America making a version.

Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "My commie compadre, Kirsten Rand, is pretty good at blowing smoke up gun owners’ asses, isn't she? Ha! Ha! She says that no one wants to ban handguns. Technically, that's true because we don't directly 'want' to ban handguns right now, because that's currently off the table on account of McDonald. However, should it ever be back on the table, we commies will flip that little microswitch in our heads labeled "Want to Ban Handguns" back to the "on" position, and we'll be 'wanting' to ban handguns again. So, it's like we want to, want to ban handguns, like we did in Chicago, but we don't actually want to ban handguns because we can't, but we'll want to, want to ban them when we can, so technically we're honest when we say that we don't want to ban handguns, because we just want to, want to ban handguns instead of directly wanting to ban them. See? It's all just common communist sense, really. We want what we want when it‘s politically convenient for us, and we don’t want what we don’t want when it’s not politically convenient for us. Basically, the truth is whatever is politically convenient for us. That’s why we’re so effective! Ha! Ha! All your truth are belong to us! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Chas said...

"No one wants to ban 'standard' rifles, shotguns or handguns."

Markie Marxist sez: "Of course, not! That would be ridiculous! We have to ban anything we can label 'non-standard' first. Then, once we've banned those, we can go after 'standard' rifles, shotguns and handguns, which will be whatever we haven't been banned yet. It's a progressive agenda, which means that we have to go step by step, which works, instead of trying to ban everything all at once, which doesn't work. It's an incremental screw job on private gun owners, because the incremental approach is effective. That way, we can screw them out of all their guns eventually. We commies are pretty slick aren't we? My commie compadre, Kirsten Rand, really knows what she's doing, doesn't she? Ha! Ha! All your guns are belong to us! Eventually! Ha! Ha!"

Robert Fowler said...

I read a blog the other day that had the simple answer for the gun banners. "If you come for our guns, we will kill you.". Of course they will send their special SWAT team with orders to take no prisoners. You, you family and all of your pets will be targets.