Sunday, June 26, 2011

Visit from the Po-Po

I took a nap this afternoon after an exhausting period of reading HuffPo comments. Dreamed about cruise ships made out of cocoa butter and petite Asian women with huge…tracts of land.

Someone knocked on my door and I rolled out of bed and peeked out the window. It was the Fuzz, the Heat, the 5-0, the coppers.

I decided to shuffle past the .357 magnum and shotgun and ask what they wanted, unarmed. Man in Blue informed me they received a report of a group of youths being attacked by several dogs(yesterday) in the area and he was trying to find said dogs and the owner. Said one of the youths fired a shot at the dogs and wasn’t sure if he had hit the mark. Copper made a special point of telling me that people have every Right to shoot to kill aggressive animals. I think perhaps he thought I was the one who made the report. I wasn’t, but I did have a group of youths(12 to 15) come across my property yesterday to reach the swimming hole(the best for miles around).

They made a bunch of noise coming through, which I appreciate. The kids I worry about are the ones who stay quiet and try to sneak inside my domain. The ones who scream and laugh out loud as they enter the yard are the ones I want visiting.

The weather was barely warm enough for me to consider jumping in the snow melt, but the kids are hardier than I. They must have been the ones attacked by the dogs, and at least one of them was carrying a firearm and had the wits to use it.

In short, I had loud, boisterous and armed teenagers on my property while I was mincing garlic and baking a chocolate cake.

Good day.

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Braden Lynch said...

I don't understand why you did not shoot them all. After all, you are a gun owner, so you are required to "just snap" at any provacation and empty your full-auto machine gun clip (I know, it's a magazine).

At least this seems to be how the gun-hating anti-rights crowd views us...armed and always dangerous.

kaveman said...

Truth be told, most of the kids in my area are 100% spot-on good people.

They have much more to fear from their Fathers if they ever disrespect the neighbors.

Braden Lynch said...

Fortunately, the same is very true here. Sorry, the joke was a little rough. Gun owners and bloggers are not the problem and never will be.

The Anti-Rights crowd has irked me with the identified approach to get police to say that gun owners are the problem, not the solution. Well, that is what they will try to spin it.

I guess I "just snapped" in my blog comments due to their endless and baseless accusations that I'll "just snap" and shoot some guy who is walking by. I've let off my steam and I'll step off the soap box now for cooler heads.