Friday, July 1, 2011

@GovernorQuinn from #IL

The Governor wants to know what's on the minds of Illinois residents through Twitter.

Hey Gov. Two things. Fix the budget w/o bankrupting my kids and let us defend ourselves. Follow the will of the people like you were hired to.

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Chas said...

"Follow the will of the people like you were hired to."

Markie Marxist sez: "When we Marxists say, 'Power to the people!', we really mean that people should give power to us. It's just a slogan we use to con people into helping us take over because it leads them to believe that they're going to get something. It shouldn't be taken literally. Once we're in power, the people who want something from us can go to hell, and if they don't want to go fast enough, we have SWAT teams standing by to assist them."

Robert Fowler said...

Remember that those SWAT teams have no problem killing innocent people and their pets.