Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Joyce Foundation Hack Wintemute at it Again (Updated)

Garen Wintemute, prolific sucker of the Joyce Foundation Teat, is taking a break from shooting upskirt photos at gun shows and instead is trying to trick FFL dealers into giving out information that can be selectively edited and used to smear the entire industry. You know. SOP for the gun control lobby.

I'ld lay money that the 'survey' does not include disclosure of who funds him or his past history. Pass this along to all your local FFL dealers and try and obtain a copy of the survey itself.

UPDATE: Survey is available through NSSF. Thanks to the fine folks at NRA-ILA for passing the link along to me.

Just as I suspected, the questions are geared towards promoting the gun control agenda by getting dealers to admit they're 'worried' about activities, enabling criminals or would support stricter laws.

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Robert Fowler said...

I haven't received mine yet. If I do get one, I'm going to take it to the range before I send it back. Postage due.