Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quote of the Day: Projection Edition

Be scared. Be very, very scared. When all the Liberals get guns, it will be a much more violent world. At that point, Conservatives will start screaming for gun control.

Don't say I didn't warn you.
Yeah, ok.

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Glenn B said...

Who is kidding whom, the liberals already have guns they just do not want anyone else to have them.

Anonymous said...

And I have 40 years of using and shooting firearms of all sorts.

You have?

Stuart the Viking said...

I thought ubu52 is a liberal. He/she sure must think that his/her fellow liberals (and his/her self) are a bunch of un-stable idiots. Why would ubu52 want un-stable idiots in control of the US?

I imagine ubu52's new campaign slogan would be something like:

"Vote Liberal, were FUCKING NUTS!"

Personally, I encourage liberals to go out and buy guns just like I encourage everyone to buy guns (non-prohibited persons that is). If ubu52 happens to be right (I don't think so) and liberals as a whole are unable to contain themselves and start shooting up the countryside. Well... We non-liberals, who have been shooting a LOT LONGER and ARE able to control ourselves will just have to defend ourselves. The up-side to this (unlikely) event would be that there would then be FAR fewer liberals.