Saturday, July 2, 2011

4th of July in Chi-Town

..Is just beginning.

Teen was warned about gun just before he shot girl, prosecutors say
17 yr old w/ illegally possessed handgun and a criminal record.

Four dead, several wounded in weekend shootings
No one was in custody for any of the shootings.

And according to the head of the CPD, Federal laws are designed to promote this.

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alcade said...

And since federal laws apply to the entire United States, that's why we also have these problems in our own areas as well.

Wait a second...

Chas said...

The head of the Chicago Police Department says that we have to send black people to prison for gun possession to protect their civil rights.
At least he prefaced his remarks with the phrase "...tell me if I'm crazy...". Yes, McCarthy, you're crazy, now shut up and resign.