Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm A Gun Owner Butt.....

Sometimes we're our own worst enemy. Indiana fixes a law that prevented you from even transporting a firearm in your car w/o a state permit. People freak out over media proclaiming it's CCW w/o a license.

Then the stupid hits:
People should have to have a permit to carry whether it's on your property or not. Even in your car unloaded," said Jennifer Scott, gun owner.
So she thinks a person needs state permission to carry a firearm on their own private property. Yeah. That will stop criminal activity.

From the Marion Chronicle Tribune (much more accurate):
An Indiana handgun license allows gun owners to carry their handguns openly and concealed. A permit is required to take a loaded handgun anywhere except if the handgun is kept at home or work.

Starting Friday, a person can also carry a handgun without a license: or in their vehicle if the weapon is unloaded, not easily accessible and securely wrapped. Or on someone else's property if they have permission to be there and are attending a firearms-related event or receiving services for their handgun. Or at a shooting range while attending firearms training or hunting legally.

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Chas said...
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alcade said...

I'm a gun owner but...

I didn't buy my gun, it was handed down from my grandfather.

I've never shot the gun.

I *think* it's in the upstairs closet, underneath that pile of old blankets.

I don't have any ammo for the gun.

The gun is mostly made of iron oxide and rotten wood.

But, of course, that still qualifies me to give a gun owner's perspective when interviewed.

Robert Fowler said...

According to Dr. Phil, (the wife is a fan, I get to listen) everything you said before the word but is as if you never said it. Or something like that. Jennifer is a idiot. She's the type of "gun owner" that will watch the government outlaw any gun she doesn't like. As long as it doesn't affect her right to "hunt". A word I have never found in the Constitution.