Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Predetermined 'Forum' (Update)

Via Dave Workman, take a look at the attendees of Rep. Cumming's (D-MD-7, F Rated from NRA) 'Forum' :

Senator Charles Schumer (NY)
Paul Helmke, President, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
Kristen Rand, Legislativ­e Director, Violence Policy Center
Arturo Cervantes, Mexico Ministry of Health
Michael R. Bouchard, former Assistant Director Field Operations­, ATF
Thomas Mahoney, Assistant State’s Attorney Supervisor­, Gang Prosecutio­n Unit, Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office
Eric Olson, Senior Associate, Woodrow Wilson Internatio­nal Center for Scholars
Colby Goodman, Author of “U.S. Firearms Traffickin­g to Mexico: New Data and Insights Illuminate Key Trends and Challenges­”

Think Cummings has an agenda to push? That he's trying to distract away from how high up Fast & Furious goes? Naaahh.

UPDATE: Oh look, the report is out before the forum is even held. W/ all the predetermined talking points.

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Scott McCray said...

Deck seems just a tad least eight libloons...but it's for the chiiiiiiiillllldrennnn.

Chas said...

More accurately, "Paul Helmke, President, Brady Campaign to Promote Gun Violence".

Pressure from Helmke's Brady Campaign led the Obama administration to run guns into Mexico in an effort to increase the violence enough to get the Brady Campaign's gun control legislation through Congress. That has resulted in hundreds of murders. Happy, Paul?

Robert Fowler said...

Now don't pick on poor Paul. What's a few dead Mexican citizens when it's for the greater good. And the 2 federal agents are a small price to pay to advance their agenda. Like Scott said, it's for the children.

Crotalus (Dont Tread on Me) said...

Absolute proof that "Project Gunwalker" was engineered to be an attack on the 2A.

Go ahead, libtards!Tell me it's not! I laugh-a in you face-a!

Chas said...

"'Prosecutors and law enforcement agents should not have to bend over backwards to imprison those who provide military-grade weapons to murderers,' Cummings said."

It should be easier to imprison Obaman, Holder and Melson for their having provided weapons to the murderous Mexican drug cartels.