Friday, August 9, 2013

Stronger Correlations Than Gun Laws

PAGV tried to dodge the fact they don't understand statistics w/ more statistics and claims they didn't make any claims except that 90% of their advocacy is to restrict firearms.  Just for fun, here's their list of 'violent cities' w/ a different variables added in. 

New Orleans: run by Democrats since 1936. MAIG Member
Detroit: run by Democrats since 1962. MAIG Member
St. Louis: run by Democrats since 1949. MAIG Member
Newark: run by Democrats since 1953 MAIG Member
Ft Myers: Unknown
Baltimore: run by Democrats since 1967. MAIG Member
Oakland: run by Democrats since 1977. MAIG Member
Pine Bluff: Unknown
Kansas City: Mixed (MO Side) MAIG Member
Dayton, OH: Run by Democrats since 1993 MAIG Member
Atlanta: Run by Democrats since 1942 MAIG Member
Cleveland: Run by Democrats since 1990 MAIG Member
 Memphis: run by Democrats since 1991. MAIG Member
Chicago: run by Democrats since 1931. MAIG Member

So out of their listed violent cities, at least 11 have been exclusively run by one political party for 20+ years and 12 are members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns.


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Erin Palette said...

I think that, in the spirit of fairness, you should list all the cities and their political affiliations so we can do a proper compare and contrast.

.45ACP+P said...

I think it just proves the old adage that people get the government they deserve. They keep voting for the people that did this to their cities. I pity the minority party in these hell holes. They have no voice and no means of escape.