Sunday, August 4, 2013

Josh Horwitz Hates Logic

For years gun control advocates screamed "MORE GUNS = MORE CRIME!!!!".  When the truth comes out (again), so does the backpedaling:
“Guns sold incident to a background check are less likely to be involved in crimes than guns sold without a background check,” said Horwitz, executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. “So the real question — which I don’t think we really know — is what’s the level of gun sales without a background check?
Which still doesn't matter because crimes STILL dropped even if there were MORE sales w/o background checks. 
“In other words, if people who buy those guns and have a background check, and keep those guns and don’t sell them, then you would not expect that those guns would affect the crime rate,”
But they still want to ban the overwhelming majority of firearms in the US even those owned by those that have gone through all the requisite hoops. 
“It won’t reduce crime,” Horwitz said. “The point is that it decreases the lethality of crime.”
But for years they claimed it would reduce crime. Now that the facts don't support them, they move the goalpost w/ completely unsubstantiated emotional rhetoric.  Right out of the playbook.  The fact is, the facts have never supported them, they've just continued to lie.

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Old NFO said...

Do you expect anything different?

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tc in tx said...

So, according to Josh, guns sold without background checks are the ones responsible for the lower crime rate! Works for me!

Anonymous said...

Is he saying that guns that are purchased with a background check are less lethal that guns that are purchased without one?
Why do those people keep making shit up?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Wait a second--just last month, he says that guns sold with a background check are OK. Now, all of a sudden, when a background-checked POS guns down a dozen innocent people, he claims that our current background check laws "just don't cut it" (his wording). So which is it, Josh?

Oh, and by the way, I guess Josh has finally given up trying to call into question the obvious fact that gun sales have been going up, up, up for years now. That's a shift for him, too.