Friday, August 9, 2013

More BS Statistics

It's like the week of lying w/ statistics, this time from a Soros funded 'research' group. Here's the header:

Study Links California Gun Murder Decrease to Strict Regulations, a Sharp Contrast to Florida 

 Wow, that goes against all common belief. Let's look into it:
California has seen a 56 percent drop in gun death rates in the past two decades, and a new report from the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence claims the decrease is related to the state’s gun restrictions.
California lawmakers have passed 30 gun laws in the past 20 years, including outlawing military-style weapons and the carrying of unloaded firearms in public. The restrictions have led to a precipitous drop in gun death rates, according to the study. In 1993, 5,500 Californians were killed by gunfire. In 2010, the number dropped to 2,935.
That decrease is in sharp contrast to Florida. A Florida Center for Investigative Reporting investigation published in April found that murders by firearms in Florida have increased dramatically since 2000, when there were 499 gun murders. Gun murders have climbed 38 percent — with 691 murders committed with guns in 2011, according to Florida Department of Law Enforcement data.
Well first of all, the years they're comparing don't match. CA is 1993-2010. Florida is 2000-2011.

Then look at the terminology.  'Gun death rates' in CA vs 'murders by firearms' in FL.  So in CA they included ALL deaths by firearms, homicides, accidents and justified.  In FL they ONLY considered 'murders'.

Someone failed Stats 101 right there, but let's continue. 

If you look at homicides from 2000-2011, BOTH show a drop.  FL from 5.6-5.2 and CA from 6.1-4.8 . FL's pop growth was also about 50% faster than CA.

Now why did they pick 1993 for CA?  Well that's the year that homicides in that state peaked at 13.1 and has shown a steady drop since.  In FL at the time, the homicide rate was 8.9.  It had already been dropping since its peak in 1981, 12 years previous, at 15.1.

From FL Carry w/ the 'gun homicide' rate's:


1981 - 10.82.
2010 - 3.59.


1981 - 7.90.
2010 - 3.60.

From 1981 to 2010, Florida's firearm homicide rate decreased by 66.82%. In contrast, California's firearm homicide rate decreased 54.43%.

My guess was that they chose 2000 for FL's numbers because its drop had stabilized w/ only a short increase from '06-'07. And we didn't even cover the drops in robbery and assault.

These people are as dishonest as they can get. They will continue to lie, skew and misrepresent in order to push their immoral agenda. 

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Pyrotek85 said...

LOL those are the most amateurish statistical errors you could make, it's like they're not even trying.

Old NFO said...

In other words, figures lie, and liars figure...

Shawn said...

I saw this on yahoo news. The commenters there tend to rip apart anti-gun articles.