Wednesday, August 7, 2013

...And Justice For Some

Compare these two headlines/articles:

DHS Releases Disappointing Civil Liberties Report on Border Searches of Laptops and Other Electronics

DHS Grants Tentative Asylum to Illegals Who Crossed Border in Pro-Amnesty Protest

 Is there any question that our 'government' is actively trying to destroy this Republic? 

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drjim said...

None in my mind.....

Rob Crawford said...

Well... I think the ACLU is WAY over-reaching on the border search thing. They're trying to apply domestic policing court rulings (Terry) to border-crossing; it just isn't the same. I agree that customs agents shouldn't be allowed to paw through your computer on a whim, but I'm pretty sure that's the state of the court rulings as they stand -- the 4th doesn't apply at least not as strongly when you're crossing into the US from a foreign nation.

As for the larger point -- duh. The whole point of amnesty is that the politicians have decided to elect a new people. That they've chosen populations used to serfdom is no accident.