Thursday, August 8, 2013

Actually, Yes-- You Did Get It Wrong

So the Parents Against Gun Ownership respond to the fact they tried comparing Metropolitan Statistical Areas to prove 'Chicago's Gun Laws Work' when they added in 6.8 million people NOT living under Chicago's gun laws.  Not exactly 'apples to apples', now is it? All they end up doing is proving however is that cities, irregardless of their gun laws, have lots of violence, most often due to gangs, drugs, poverty and collapsing economies.

 But now since I was specifically talking about Chicago, their numbers STILL don't add up.  They claim Chicago has a 'Gun Crime Homicide' rate of 6.0/100k. Again, they didn't use the CITY of Chicago, they used the MSA. In the CITY of Chicago, it's actually over twice that at about 13/100k. Outside of Chicago in the MSA, it's just about 2/100k. 

So yeah, Chicago's 'model gun laws' don't work.  Violent criminals will still be violent. Maybe Parents Against Gun Ownership and all the other alphabet groups should focus on the REAL problems of violence instead of trying to disarm/punish the tens of millions of people who aren't causing it. But they won't.  Instead they'll spend all their time putting out misleading and inaccurate talking points like this one to try and push for more gun bans. 

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Anonymous said...

I live in a "municipality" thats smack dab pretty much halfway between Chicago and Joliet. About 10,000 in the city for population. We've had ZERO Murders / shootings here in at least 10 years that I can recall.

No wonder they wanted to have a large reach of sampling to dilute Chicago's OK Corral statistics.

Anonymous said...

Visit the Parents Against Gun Violence page on the web at to read what they *actually* say (since here you only get a deliberate distortion of the post.) PAGV provides every different metric for which data is available to compare violence in Chicago vs other cities: MSA vs MSA; city vs. city; gun violence vs. gun violence -- in *all* cases, Chicago is not the most violent city, by a large margin. PAGV makes no claim that this reflects anything about Chicago's gun laws. The only point they try to make is a rebuttal of the frequent and erroneous claim that Chicago is the murder capital of the US. PAGV also provides eight links to news stories and statistical records to corroborate the claim. If you take Days of Our Trailer's word for it without actually reading the PAGV post, you're cheating yourself out of the opportunity to use your own judgment.

Sailorcurt said...

So, the fact that the city with some of the strictest gun control in the country is only ONE of the most violent cities in the US versus THE most violent city in the US justifies your stance that the rest of the country should mirror its strict gun control?

That's your argument?


Beyond the fact that Thirdpower's post was simply demonstrating that you either don't understand statistics, or don't have a problem abusing them to provide the illusion of support for your agenda, your overarching point is moot on its face.

Let me explain this to you. I'll try to speak slowly so you'll hopefully get it:

YOU are the ones who claim that gun control will reduce crime. YOU are the ones who insist that banning standard magazines and banning certain types of guns and restricting the carry of defensive firearms by law abiding people (etc, etc, etc) will lower crime.

When someone posits a theory, the way the theory is "proven" is by the inability to prove it wrong (Look up "the scientific method" for an example of how this works).

Whether Chicago is the most violent city in the US, or just ONE of the most violent cities in the US is irrelevant.

Whether there are other cities with looser gun restrictions than Chicago that have higher violent crime rates is irrelevant.

The simple fact that Chicago has exactly the types of restrictions you advocate, yet still has higher crime than average, even while the country as a whole has had steadily declining rates of violent crime, unequivocally disproves your theory.

Put simply, your position is demonstrably wrong. Gun control does not reduce crime. Period. Chicago (among other places) proves it.

Thanks for trying, and again soon.