Tuesday, July 9, 2013

ICHV Sweetens My Tea W/ Their Tears

The IL CCW bill leaves a lot to be desired but this makes it worthwhile:
Despite our best efforts, today the Illinois General Assembly sided with the gun lobby and voted to override Governor Quinn’s common sense amendatory veto of HB 183.
Governor Quinn heard our voices and stood up to the pro-gun extremists and issued an amendatory veto that would have prevented loaded guns in places that serve alcohol, allowed local communities to ban military assault weapons and require businesses to opt into allowing concealed carry as opposed to an opt out system among other common sense provisions.
Notwithstanding overwhelming support from Illinois residents, many state lawmakers sided with the gun lobby and against public safety.  It’s a disgrace that our elected officials did not heed the call for common sense solutions.  As constituents we must hold our legislators accountable for their vote on this measure and make sure your voice is heard.
To find how your Representative voted click here and to see how your Senator voted click here.
Please take a minute and let them know how you feel about their vote.  To find your state legislators click here
While today we suffered a setback our work is far from over and we remain more committed than ever to making sure that we fight for solutions that will save lives. In Illinois alone, we lose 1,000 lives a year to gun violence and that is 1,000 reasons we must continue our partnership for peace.
Thank you again for all your help and we look forward to continuing our work together to save lives and live in safer communities.
In Peace,

Colleen Daley
Executive Director
Sweet, so sweet.  I'm wondering where their claim of 'overwhelming support' comes from?  Rigged polls?  Their diseased minds?  Witness slips supporting the CCW bills were 50:1 to those opposed.  Pro-rights supporters universally outnumber anti-rights activists at rallies. Hell, my range gettogethers often outnumber their rallies.

So far *crickets* from the other groups. They're trying to distract their members w/ repeated posts supporting the dangerous use of firearms by Ms. magazine writer  Heidi Yewman.

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