Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gun Crime in Nevada

A used Glock for $950?  That is a crime.  Everything else is ambiguous.

The cop showed good judgement in asking if he had ever committed a crime. However he did not reveal he was under the protective custody of his parents and had been in a mental institution for suicide. He had been under a 'Legal 2000' hold for 72 hr evaluation which may or may not have shown up in records. No mention if he was involuntarily committed after that. Since his parents had control of him, what was he doing out at 4am? 

So really, articles like this are just misinformation and fear-mongering.  'could', 'should have', are not words that should appear unless the writers are either sloppy or just trying to score points by misleading the public.

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skidmark said...

According to this - - which is merely the first Google hit listed for *Legal 2000* - a "Legal 2000" is a 72-hour hold for evaluation to determine if a person is a danger to themself or others and needs to be involuntarily committed.

As such, it does not disqualify a person from possessing firearms.

Rhetorically inquiring - why do folks not bother to check their facts before inserting their feet into their gaping maws?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't one have to be 21 to purchase a handgun?

skidmark said...

@Anonymous - only from a FFL. State law may allow for "private purchases" where no background check is mandates, no bill of sale is mandated. The unincumbered exchange of FRNs for steel and maybe a bit of plastic.

stay safe.