Sunday, July 7, 2013

Agent-Provocateur Or Just An Idiot?

Sometimes you read comments by someone that are just so off the wall, you hope they're someone from the other side trying to cause problems.  The only other option, they're serious, is just to depressing to think about. Take a look at this selection:
the antigun communists love to say this: "The people that own the Tribune FB page and the website/forum have every right to decide only antigun communists can post there and what they can say. If you want to post gun stuff that promotes public gun possession (stuff they don't approve of) then you will have to do it elsewhere. Can I come and write "Support The 2nd Amendment" on the side of your house ? Guess what Bob, I never read news articles or published material unless I'm allowed to comment on it. I don't give anyone a monopoly on free speech (or telling lies). Only communists will say the communists have the right to disarm us on their property.

 The antigun communist loves to say "I have every right to prohibit gun possession on my property."

I get booted off of forums that pretend to defend gun rights for the benefit of defending antigun communists who secretly advocate antigun laws. Which antigun laws do you support ? The people who complain about me do so because they want me banned because they're antigun. Usually it is cops who don't want me exposing them (especially when I tell people cops are deliberately inciting gun violence against children to help justify strict gun control laws).
We have antigun laws because IllinoisCarry supports gun laws. We have deleted speech because IllinoisCarry supports censorship and restricted speech. The most vile and hateful speech should be protected because only when that speech is protected do we have FREE SPEECH.
Needless to say, this individual's pretty much a 'ban on sight' persona-non-Grata.  
 I've been banned from IllinoisCarry for years now because it's patrolled by antigun police.

 I'm also banned from ISRA's Facebook. To me it's one more badge of liberty I carry.
 Yep. Two of the major gun rights groups in Illinois are actually working in secret to pass anti-gun laws and foment a Red Revolution. Only he (and a select few other regularly banned individuals) know the truth and can save us all.  


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Hell, I'm just surprised he did blame the Jews.