Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Ms.Magazine Train Wreck To Continue?

 A few weeks ago, Brady Campaign Chairthing Heidi Yewman posted an article in Ms. Magazine about how stupid she is. 

Well they pulled the series because of the influx of comments, some putting up her home address (which is supported by most anti-gun advocates in the case of firearm owners/CCW BTW), and causing them to cancel the series.

According to a statement released today, Ms. Magazine is asking Yewman to continue it on their site.  I really hope they do. These articles can only go to help pro-firearm rights by showing the deliberate ignorance of anti-gun activists even in the face of all the opportunities for education. The simplest being the manual that comes w/ the gun that Yewman bought.

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LC Scotty said...

Looks like reasoned discourse has already broken out.

Laura Prowicz said...

do you seriously think that a journal for feminists by feminists is going to cover something as aggressively masculine as guns in any kind of a balanced and fair manner?

clearly you have no idea what feminism is all about.

Robert Fowler said...

Laura Prowicz said...
clearly you have no idea what feminism is all about.

It's about the pussification of the American male. They want us all Oprah sensitive and afraid of our own shadows.

Am I close? As to the article, the gift that keeps on giving.

lee n. field said...

I notice Joan Peterson makes an appearance. Yay.

Roberta X said...

Robert, I expected better of you than a blanket attack that imagines *femininsm* to be all about *men.*

Sweeping generalities don't help debate.