Thursday, July 11, 2013

Eco-Terrorists vs Hired Paramilitaries

So a mining company in Wisconsin is doing test drilling. Protesters don't like it so..well.. protest.  Some  eco nuts decide to up the ante, start vandalizing the site and threatening the lives/homes of workers. Company then hires an armed security company from AZ, knowing that groups like ELF have cause millions of dollars in damage in the past. People really go nuts after that.

How do the anti-gunners spin it?* 
Masked Semi-Automatic Rifle-Toting Paramilitary Unit Targets Environmental Protesters at Wisconsin Mining Site
No direct mention of the threats made or damage done by the eco-terrorists (also masked btw), only comparisons of the security to South American death squads.  So I guess it's ok to threaten/attack employees of a company you don't like but it's not ok for them to defend themselves.  Really tells you where his priorities lie. 

* Indirect link. I'm not giving him any traffic. The writer of this piece if a former Joyce Foundation mouthpiece who closed up his site (called The Gun Guys) when the money dried up.

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1 comment:

Matthew said...

Saw that. Per a commentator who claims to be against the mine but wanted to be honest, the "masks" were mosquito nets. They only show the poor bastard who apparently forgot his and pulled up his balaclava as a stopgap to get the "death squad" vibe.

Not saying that's true but that is what the eco-fascists do.