Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tears From Some Clowns

While I continue sipping my tea sweetened from the Joyce Foundation puppet ICHV, I add a little bit more sugar to it from IL Gov. Quinn and Chicago Mayor Rhambo.

What's odd (not really) are the *crickets* from all the other places, even from 'Moms Demand Lovin'' who had representatives testify at the exec hearings.  You know, the ones who admitted they didn't even know who their legislators were 6 months ago , were receiving standing ovations at pet parades and count FB likes as 'members.  Also nothing yet from any of the other anti-rights groups. CSGV, Brady Campaign, MAIG, VPC, NGAC. Nothing.  Absolute silence.  I wonder why? 

And Quinn upped the stakes by suspending lawmakers pay in retaliation for spending the whole day on CCW (just like was expected), overriding his veto, and ignoring pension (also just as expected).   Gotta love IL politics.

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