Monday, July 22, 2013

.@SenatorDan Kotowski: Reasoned Discourse In Action

What happens when you ask fanatical anti-gun advocates questions they can't answer like 'show evidence'?

You get blocked of course:

'Gun control' can only survive in an echo chamber.  When exposed to the truth, it withers and dies.

Update:  I'ld forgotten about this little tidbit.  Shortly after Kotowski was first elected in '06, he took umbrage that his newfound political power did not include universal acceptance of his beliefs so he started stating he was being 'harassed' and sending the Illinois State Police to at least one home after claiming they threatened his life in order to try silencing all opposing voices.  Typical of an anti-gun statist.  Use the armed force of the government while opposing the citizenry be armed.

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chiefjaybob said...

After watching his temper-tantrum on the floor of the House following his magazine ban efforts, this maneuver surprises me none times.

chiefjaybob said...

*Sorry. SENATE. My derp of the hour. Now I'm good to go till 1500.

Keith Gilge said...

I have heard he has a rep for calling the ISP and filing harassment complaints. Have a lawyer on speed dial.

Anonymous said...

He's a little bitch.

Anonymous said...

Screw kotowski, I dont care about the Kotowski, there's a lot of decent voters in his district, but the Kotowski doesn't represent them.