Monday, July 22, 2013

Monique Davis: Cop Killers

According to IL State Rep Monique Davis, Chicago's crime has little to nothing to do w/ gangs, poverty, drugs, collapse of the family, etc.  Apparently it's the Chicago Police Dept. that are doing many of the killings.
“I’m going to tell you what some suspicions have been, and people have whispered to me: they’re not sure that black people are shooting all of these children,” Davis said.
Now I certainly have my issues w/ the CPD but the fact that they barely solved the gang related killing of a 6m old baby because of the 'Stop Snitchin' culture makes claims like this fly in the face of reason. 

Oh wait, it's Monique Davis.  Never mind.

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1 comment:

Rob Crawford said...

This is the kind of lunacy that led to the 2001 riots in Cincinnati. Keep your head on a swivel...