Thursday, July 25, 2013

ICHV/Mark Walsh: Concealed Carry = 'Hate' & 'Violence'

So other anti-gun advocates join State Sen. Kotowski in enabling people like Mary Shepard to be victims of violent criminals like Willis Bates, released by Gov. Quinn.  Their justification is that carrying a concealed firearm somehow causes 'hate' and leads to 'violence'.  Must be through those installed mind control chips again.

From their E-mail:
Over the past few months, you have received more than a few updates from ICHV about Illinois being forced by the Courts to enact a concealed carry law during the past legislative session.  We fought hard for the most comprehensive law in the country but unfortunately came up short as the pro-gun extremists refused to accept the changes proposed by Governor Quinn’s amendatory veto  
Since then I’ve been thinking about some of the crazy places we are going to start seeing people packing heat – in movie theatres, restaurants - even ones that serve alcohol and get this – in places of worship.  I mean REALLY??
I’m not the most religious person, although I got ordained to marry my sister and her husband, but I know this - there is no religion that is based on hate or violence. I know that for a lot of people a place of worship is not only a place to pray to their God in a manner they see fit - but it’s a sanctuary; a place for peace and now you have to worry about the person next to you packing heat? That’s unacceptable and just shows how out of touch the pro-gun extremists really are.
Recently, ICHV and faith leaders from across the state came together in support of Senator Dan Kotowski’s proposed legislation to keep guns out of places of worship.  Please join us and sign a petition calling on the Illinois General Assembly to pass a ban on carrying concealed loaded handguns into places of worship. 
Click here to add your voice for peace in our places of worship!
Together we can make a difference.  
In Peace,
Mark Walsh
Campaign Director
Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence
Basically their worldview is that noone (except the government) can be trusted and everyone is a potential criminal so those least likely to commit a crime should be disarmed. Basically they're projecting their own instability onto the public.

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poppa india said...

Any time I see an article about firearms that uses the phrase "packing heat", I know its a piece of anti-gun propaganda

Archer said...

Now, wait just one cotton-pickin' minute!

Those "pro-gun extremists" had a VETO-PROOF MAJORITY in BOTH houses of the IL legislature! Anywhere else in the country, we call that "mainstream", not "extreme".

They're just butt-hurt that they don't represent the "90%" they thought they did. Who are the REAL "extremists", here?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

There was no legal carry in Illinois churches when a pastor was murdered in his own church just a few miles down the road from me.

Apparently, that's what Walsh prefers.

Jerome East said...

I haven't been a member of a church for over a decade so it doesn't apply to me exactly but I do have a rule I live by. I don't voluntarily go anywhere I don't have to if i'm not allowed to carry my legally concealed handgun. If a business I don't work for prohibits it then I shop elsewhere and if I ever do attend church again it will be at one that allows me to have the ability to defend myself or I won't go

ISH (Mininerd) said...

Yeah, funny how the Babylonian Talmud tells me that I should go armed in order to defend myself and those I love.

I think I'm going to take my religious advice from, y'know, an actual foundational text of Western Civilization instead of this schmuck.

Sailorcurt said...

On a positive note, how cool is it that an anti-gun organization in one of the most anti-gun states in the country is reduced to begging for petition signatures in a forlorn plea to ban concealed carry only in churches?

The desperation is palpable.

legaleagle_45 said...

As most of you are aware, it was common for a law to require that you bring a firearm to church as the church was the focal point of social life in the community and militia drills were held following church services. It was only after the Civil War that laws emerged banning the practice. The reason? The church was the focal point of black social life in the community and the prospect of a large group of armed blacks was just too much to handle...

Personally, I believe that laws which prohibit church goers to carry firearms is a violation of the 1st Amend. The Church should decide what is and what is not acceptable in their House of worship... besides there is the Church of John Moses Browning

Rob K said...

I also think laws forbidding weapons in churches violates the 1st Amendment. It's putting conditions on gatherings for religious worship.

Also, MY God had swords at the Last Supper, and told his disciples to buy swords if they didn't have them already. (Luke 22:35-38). I don't guess there was ever any more holy service than the Last Supper, right? And Jesus had weapons there.

Anonymous said...

"although I got ordained to marry my sister and her husband"
Isn't that bigamy/incest? That would explain a lot of this sh!t.

David said...

I would like for Mr. Walsh to meet Mary Shephard, see some pictures of the beating she took in her church, and then tell her he doesn't think people should be allowed to carry in church.

Bill W. said...

Another ill informed bunch of fear mongering. There have been two instances I remember where a gunman has come into a house of worship and gunned down people. One in Milwaukee a hate crime, and one in Chicago. Gang related shooting at a funeral at the CHURCH. Not one of the people attending either church caused any violence. We don't need to fear the sane, law abiding people who want to protect themselves. Owning or carrying a gun, does not make you a crazy, violent, criminal. Wake up people, too many loud mouths are trying to undermine to intent of our nations founders and why they knew these rights were needed. Lest you all forget, look at other nations without our freedoms. Do you want to live like that, Suppressed?

Anonymous said...

"I’m not the most religious person, although I got ordained to marry my sister and her husband, but I know this - there is no religion that is based on hate or violence."

What kind of church ordains someone so he can perform a wedding? Must be an internet "church." Obviously Mr.Walsh has never heard of radical Islam, which celebrates the deaths of Americans.

Sometimes I wonder how any sane legislators retain their sanity in the presence of this kind of "thinking."