Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Chicago's Strict Gun Laws in Action

The other day Miguel posted an article about Mom's Demand Lovin' lambasting about the shooting of a 6 yr old in Chicago at a memorial. What they didn't mention was that the 'memorial' was for a gang banger shot during a gang war. 

Well some suspects have been arrested:
Angelo Clark, 17; Terrence Lynom, 16, and Landon Barker, 16, have been charged with two counts each of attempted murder and aggravated battery with a firearm,
Now I'm going to hazard a guess, maybe it's just me, that they didn't have FOID's, didn't get their guns from another FOID holder, were not 'A" students trying to turn their lives around, and were not just heading to the store getting their grandma some milk. 

But remember, one more law would have stopped these thugs (not 'children') from attempting to murder people.

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