Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Heidi Yewman Remains Stupid and Ignorant

Remember her, the Brady Campaign/NGAC board member who went out of her way to be as dangerous as possible?

Well the month is over and luckily she didn't kill anyone.  Her article, filled w/ crap statistics (Kellerman? Really?), stupidity, and ignorance, is best summed up in this paragraph:
I thought the gun would make me feel more powerful, more confident, and less fearful. I was wrong. All I felt was fear. Physically taking the gun out of the safe and putting it in a holster on my hip literally reminded me that I was going out into a big bad scary unsafe world. There were days when I put the gun back in the safe and stayed home because it simply took too much energy to be scared. It was easier to be at home without the worry and responsibility of being “the good guy with the gun.” My awareness of looming tragedy was abundant. If I had to pull the trigger, my life, the person I shot, both of our families, and all who witnessed it would be changed forever.
Here's the rub.  She had all these issues of fear and paranoia BEFORE carrying a gun.  All the gun did was give her a focus and an excuse for it.

So all she proved to the world is that she really is as much of an idiot as all those gun owning bullies thought and that anti-gun advocates should be prevented from owning firearms.

Now compare and contrast Ms. Yewman to Emily Miller, a strong woman who used her brain and didn't endanger people to prove a political point.  Miller was also attacked as an 'amateur centerfold', 'juvenile' and 'fool' by the anti-gun fanatics.

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Ben Reilley said...

Mhm. Best to render yourself completely helpless and take comfort in the fact that should anything bad occur, it's not your fault because you couldn't do anything about it.

The self-deception it must take...

alanstorm said...

You have to love how she keeps accusing her detractors of "missing the point" when she is completely missing theirs - which is that the vast majority of those who decide to carry do so after thinking about what it means to do so, and they go way beyond the minimum necessary. Reading her "reasoning" and her experiences during that month simply demonstrate that she is someone who can't handle it and should not carry.

Ironically, since she shot no one during that month, she proved the point that gun's aren't the problem.