Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rights v Safety

Nearly every 'mass shooting' has involved someone that has had a history of mental illness so it's unsurprising when a PD investigates a potential threat reported by a grief counselor.

When they show up in the middle of the night to confiscate antique firearms w/ no ammo, 'allegedly' threaten to "tear the sh!t out of his house" if they have to get a warrant, 'encourage' him to get a full psych eval (under threat of involuntary admission), and lie to him about/damage his property, THEN it goes into the area of (alleged) abuse of authority and why I fight against expanding any more laws and how 'gun control' actively encourages those who need help to not get it because they will lose their rights.

So tell me again why I should trust more laws for 'safety'? 

Lawsuit here.

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Braden Lynch said...

Of course, the current interest in looking at mental disorders will blossom to include anyone who has ever had a bout with depression, grief counseling, an anxiety attack or something else with low predictive value. All of this can be gleaned from Obamacare Health Information Exchanges (HIEs).

The real crime is that many who would benefit from mental health services will avoid them just to retain their rights.

The doctor-patient relationship will go out the window. HIPAA and other safeguards will be easily circumvented with new special laws or through the abuse of existing reporting laws and the proclaimed urgency to act.

"Gun control is not about guns, it's about control."

Braden Lynch said...

Oh yeah, never tell them about your firearms. If it makes it into the notes of an EMR, it is searchable and they can build a registry this way.

If asked, please lie! I personally hate lies, but I also hate having my door kicked in at 2:30 AM because some medical professional put down that I was sad that my dog died and I liked to shoot to relieve stress.