Thursday, June 13, 2013

Federal Sequestration in Action

While budgets for the military, education, etc. are being cut nationwide, the Lightbringer, amongst his numerous tax payer funded fundraising trips across the states, had planned to spend near $11m on an African Safari complete w/ Sniper teams to slaughter any endangered species that might 'threaten' him or his family, only cancelling it when the expense and hypocrisy were brought to light.

The SAF responded:
'Mr. Obama shouldn’t need special counter-assault teams to neutralize threats,' Second Amendment Foundation founder Alan Gottlieb told MailOnline. 'He’s got the IRS for that, doesn’t he?'Oh, that’s right,' he noted with tongue in cheek: 'Lions, cheetahs and other animals aren’t conservative taxpayers.'
Had they actually gone, there wouldn't have been an elephant left alive by the time the safari was over.

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