Friday, June 14, 2013

Prepping For The Syria Invasion?

A little over 10 yrs ago, the prior administration started flooding the airwaves w/ reports of WMD's in Iraq.

Now, amidst a growing number of scandals and failed/failing policies at home, our Nobel Peace Prize winning President has 'changed his calculus' after 'conclusive evidence' of chemical weapons in Syria.

That dog sure is wagging.

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TS said...

CGSV innsurrectionist timeline 6/13/13: Obama says, "the only thing that stops a tyrannical government with weapons of mass destruction is military grade weapons in the hands of rebels."

Sigivald said...

That's unfair - to President Bush.

It was the universal belief of the world's intelligence agencies that Iraq had WMDs, and belief in Iraqi WMDs was essentially constant from 1989 until we found out they didn't have them after invading.

Hussein himself encouraged this belief to keep Iran from invading.

It's not like - no matter what various Progressives and/or NWO paranoids want to tell me - President Bush just made up "WMDs!!!" to gin up a reason to invade 'cause he just liked invading countries*.

(* They sometimes also try the "durr for OIL!!!" tactic.

Which is hard to reconcile with A) why not just strike a sweetheart deal with Hussein like the French were? This also gets the Progressives to shut up about how "sanctions are killing Iraqi Babies!"

and B) Turns out we didn't just Steal Iraq's Oil, or even Give It To Halliburtonwhatevs.

This stops absolutely nobody who believed such a thing beforehand from believing they were always and still right about it being For Oil, of course.)