Sunday, June 9, 2013

More Anti-Gun Grassroots

Over and over I've been hearing from anti-gun advocates that the Sandy Hook shooting 'fired-up' their base and millions of people are demanding action nation wide for more anti-gun laws. 

Here's the reality:

 4 protest gun violence in Rockford

(PHOTO) GUN PROTEST 1 6/8/2013

The reality is now that the media isn't sensationalizing it, the 'support' goes away and the only thing left is the money supplied by Bloomberg, Soros, and the Joyce Foundation to pay their professional spin doctors.  That's why Bloomie continues to have to dump millions into the effort to keep it in the media.

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Braden Lynch said...

So, per their signs, the citizens should not own firearms and carry concealed?

Is it because the gun owners are shooting people indiscriminately?

I must have missed this epidemic of violence by people like me and CCW holders.

Oh wait, it has been demonstrated that CCW holders are substantially more law-abiding than even police officers.

So what is their point? Don't buy guns and don't carry-concealed, as it just makes us look like pansies.

That's why they hate guns and us so much. Our ownership of firearms highlights their deficiency in the areas of personal responsibility, courage, morality (pacifism is a great evil), and bigotry. It is so much easier to attack objects than admit your shortcomings.

Sigivald said...


None of my guns have ever shattered a family, at least while I've owned them*.

(* Since some of them are military surplus, from the WW1 or WW2 eras, it's quite possible that they've killed someone or shattered a family, in the hands of a Russian, German, or Finnish soldier, long before I came into possession of them...)

ISH (Mininerd) said...

Anyone know the names of any of these four? I am curious as to how many of them are on Bloomberg's payroll...