Thursday, June 13, 2013

More Anti-Gun Grassroots

That anti-gun Senator that's crying 'racism' over her recall?  Well there's pretty damning video that her 'supporters' were paid astroturf:

Where are the '90%' of the public demanding more gun control? 


Here's a photo of Steve Nowrocki, Pueblo city council President and husband of Giron who admits to being at the protest but denies handing out money to protestors:


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Billll said...

Redstate has some theories. I looked up the Pueblo City Council and looky here:

Travis said...

Hmm. He' close, but the nose looks wrong to me. It could just be the angle but I wouldn't say either way with absolute certainty.

Craig M. said...

Unreported income? Where is the IRS now?