Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just Following Orders...

The refrain of war criminals throughout history.

Ladd Everitt or whatever intern the CSGV currently uses, has gone on another one of their tangents on Facebook calling the 'Oathkeepers', mostly made up of military and police, 'Traitors' for stating they won't disarm the public in face of illegal/UnConstitutional orders. Their mouth-foaming supporters follow suit w/ the usual insults, attacks and threats of violence/imprisonment.

Let's take a look at their thinking visually, shall we?

And their belief that it's OK to throw people based off of ethnicity or belief into camps as long as it's court approved?

So since the penalties for treason are death or life imprisonment, we see what the CSGV and their supporters are calling for for those who disagree w/ them. All of their attempts at political discourse are to dehumanize firearm owners in the eyes of those who seek citizen disarmament. That makes it much easier to justify it in the end.

Is there any way to discuss things w/ someone who wants you dead?

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Sigivald said...

Hey! That's unfair.

Nguyen Loan's summary execution of that VC guerilla during the Tet Offensive was perfectly correct under the laws and traditions of war.

Un-uniformed combatants are not due any protections of being taken prisoner, precisely to encourage all combatants to be in uniform and protect civilians.

Thus there's no "only following orders" attack to be made on him (and such a comparison for the CSGV gives them too much credit); he wasn't doing anything wicked.

Matthew said...

Came to say what Sigivald said. That particular guerrilla was involved in executing the innocent families of local officials in fact. He was actively committing war crimes, not just acting outside the law of war on uniforms.

The picture resonates because in the eyes of lefties and those unaware of the details it is a case of official brutality, but it probably would be better to remove it rather than perpetrate that lie.

Thirdpower said...

Photo pulled.

Phssthpok said...

Hindsight always being 20/20, I find it somewhat revealing that the CSGV is playing the role of Nazi-sympathizer to Rhodes's Oathkeepers and the Scholls' 'White Rose Society' (who were tried and executed for 'treason' for simply disseminating pamphlets critical of the Nazi regime).