Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What Happens W/O 'Reasoned Discourse

The 'National Gun Victims Action Council' (aka National Gun Banners Retread Council)'s FB page went from 90 'likes' to over 120 overnight. Here's a sample of what their comment section looks like:

But remember, they have 14 million members and outnumber the NRA 'extremist faction' 50:1.

Reality hurts, doesn't it?

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Weer'd Beard said...

Facebook likes are a terrible metric for supporters given how many antis have multiple facebook accounts.

Example a "Like" from Baldr Odinson, Jason Kilgore, and Ceasefire Oregon are all from one single person just using their multiple accounts.

I think Joan Peterson has about 5 accounts she routinely uses.

If it wasn't for inert filler they would have no volume at all!

Kevin Wilmeth said...

Thanks for the (admittedly prurient) giggle. Nearly lost coffee.

Robert Fowler said...

Of course a lot of pro folk "like" these pages. That's how we keep up with what the liberal idiot pisswits are dong. So that must make us "members".

Timmeehh said...

I left a "few" comments over there, like: I am pro-gun but have not received any money from the NRA, how do I go about getting my check, or does it still come in wheelbarrows?