Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gun N!ggers

Oak Park, Il held a meeting, supported by the Joyce funded LCAV, in order to try and find ways/excuses to restrict firearms since their handgun ban was declared unconstitutional in McDonald v Chicago. This is how firearm owners were treated:
Members of the Illinois State Rifle Association arrived in gold hats, t-shirts and other identifying clothing and were directed by village staff to sit in the back.
Sound familiar?

They had a few token pro-rights folks speak but I'm sure the wormtongues from the LCAV were standing behind the council members whispering in their ears the whole time. They'll push ahead w/ whatever they think they can get away w/ and the Anti's will support them the whole way.

It has nothing to do w/ crime control, it's population control.

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Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "They were allowed to sit at the back of the room? Hmmm. The bus to take them all to the re-education camp must have broken down."

Lumpy said...

One of the meetings speakers brought up that the village still refuses to publicly comment on where they are going to generate the $800,000 that they lost as their share of the McDonald vs Chicago SCOTUS case.

The proverbial 800 lb gorilla that still hangs, Can Oak Park afford to play with fire further and enact new restrictions?

mikee said...

That law in Florida, wherein local elected officials who enacted illegal firearms restrictions were subject to loss of office and $5000 fines, sure lit a fire under localities to stop fighting state preemption.

I would strongly suggest Illinois do the same. Perhaps the state legislators could be convinced to do so by a local downstate city council passing a shall issue concealed carry law of their own, requiring the state to enforce their preemption rules.

Rob K said...

I'd be surprised if Chicago would allow Illinois to have any sort of pre-emption law. The do own that state, you know.