Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Weer'd points to this site of 'gun violence survivors' (who practice 'reasoned discourse' of course). They make up some claims and lots of random statements but this one is the funniest:
Our economic lever cannot be overcome because we outnumber the NRA’s “extremist” faction by minimally 50 to 1. To establish the economic lever, NGAC will initiate targeted boycotts.
Well, according to their FB page, the 'extremist faction' of the NRA consists of 1.5 people.

Looking at their board, it's made up of all the usual Joyce and Brady retreads and bigots like Andrew Goddard, Tom Vanden Berk, Griffon Dix etc., mostly Chicago based.

Their first target? Starbucks. They hope after the negligent discharge the other day that they won't go down to a resounding failure like last year.

This is their 'grassroots' in action.

UPDATE: Dave Workman wrote about these idiots last January. They've been as effective since. Maybe they only meet in January.

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Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

Ha! I hadn't realized those clowns were still around spouting that . . . garbage. Dave Workman wrote about them almost a year ago, after Fineman demanded $10 million per year from Starbucks, to fund lobbying for forcible citizen disarmament:

Starbucks, which allows people to openly carry firearms in its stores, must ban the practice and commit $10 million each year to getting sane gun laws passed, (Fineman) explained.

Sometimes, parody writes itself.

Pyrotek85 said...

WTF? Why would Starbucks owe them money for anything? Is it because they dare allow people to carry on their property or something?

Smokey Behr said...

Kensington, CA is a suburb in Marin County, so that should tell you a little something.

Nevada County, CA (Where Penn Valley is located) is firmly Republican, with Tom McClintock as the Rep. Penn Valley and Grass Valley are Liberal enclaves, though. If you know the video business, then you know the "Grass Valley Group", which has a lot of its facilities in and around Grass Valley.