Wednesday, January 25, 2012

They Need More Victims

As much as Dennis Henigan of the Brady Campaign is 'saddened' by the retirement of AZ Rep. Giffords and all the fawning they've done over her the last year, one wonders why they didn't endorse her in ANY of her elections, 2006, 2008 or 2010, even when she was 'F' rated by the NRA?

Because she was neither a sure vote (went from F to C rated by NRA) nor a 'victim'. It was only after she was shot that they had hopes of using her status as a 'victim of gun violence' to push their political agenda. Had a gun not been involved, there would have been no candle lit in her honor.

They need victims, specifically victims in some way, any way, associated w/ guns in order to maintain their worldview. For everyone shot, no matter the circumstance, they can hope for another few supporters that will regurgitate their talking points in front of a camera or audience.

It's the only way they can hope to keep the lights on.

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Linoge said...

And that is pretty much why the "gun control" movement disgusts me... Any group whose continued existence relies on the exploitation of other people's tragedies needs to reconsider their lives' paths...

Chas said...

If the nutcase had gouged her eyes out with a 99 cent melon baller, Dennis Henigan would have been looking off into the distance, with his hands in his pockets, while whistling a show tune. His hardware obsession is as narrow as his concern for crime victims.