Monday, January 23, 2012

PEG-Heads Missing the Irony

I was working on a post regarding a shooting and noticed that 'Protest Any Guns' linked it:

Yes. California. #1/A+ rated by the Brady Campaign. Handgun registration, Ammo registration, severe limits on what kinds you can own, waiting periods, highly restricted CCW, etc. Obviously they need to make even stricter laws.

I like this line:
Police in Antioch believe three or four male partygoers opened fire Saturday night when two groups began arguing, said police Lt. Scott Willerford.
Hmm. Would 'groups' be a codeword for 'gangs' or am I being 'racist'?

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Robert Fowler said...

70 to 80 people. Unknown number of shots, no dead. Sounds to me someone needs some range time. The sooner these gangbangers learn to shoot the sooner the problem will start correcting itself. Gangbangers killing gangbangers is a good thing.

Chas said...

California's de facto CCW ban is an invitation to criminals to carry.
The ban empowers the gangbangers, which is exactly what the leftistas in California want, and since they run the state, that's exactly what they get.

Smokey Behr said...

Antioch is the sh*thole of Contra Costa County. It's attracted all the bangers that have been run out of Oakland. When I worked the fair, you'd hear gunshots every night.