Monday, January 23, 2012

Andrew Goddard's 'GoodFacts'

Andrew Goddard, Religious Bigot, Gun Control Leader and all around classy guy plays fast and loose w/ the numbers in a Letter to the Editor:
If gun ownership was the answer to personal protection, there wouldn't be 30,000 gun deaths a year, of which fewer than 300 are due to justifiable homicide.
As usual, what he doesn't mention is that the majority of those 'gun deaths' (he doesn't care about any others) have nothing to do w/ 'protection', but instead are suicides. Of the actual homicides, the majority of those are by and against prohibited persons/criminals involved in illegal activities. This is known as lying w/ statistics.

Then he brings the funny:
I am not advocating that law-abiding and mentally sound people not buy guns. There are many legitimate uses for them; however, before bringing a gun into the home, give more consideration to the facts.
Yeah right. He's associated himself w/ every anti-gun group in the US whose goals are to limit and restrict firearm ownership as much as possible. What else should we expect from bigots like him?

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Dannytheman said...

Bigot, liar and IMPO, coward!!!
The manchild makes himself feel manly by going against the people who wouldn't just lay there and let stuff happen!

Robert Fowler said...

Liberal idiot pisswit. His son has a great gig with Brady bunch. It must be nice to be a "professional" victim.

Braden Lynch said...

Hmm...well, I examined the facts and bought my first home defense firearm because of them. It's funny how the truth will set you free (but not if you are blinded by personal issues).

What a statistical and factoid simpleton!

As noted, the HUGE portion of the deaths with firearms involved are not pertinent to his argument and the 300 justifiable shootings does ignore the difficult to estimate number of DGUs (Defensive Gun Use) where it stopped a violent crime without bloodshed. The DGUs make the regrettable loss of criminals to their own internecine violence insignificant.

He demonstrates a complete lack of cost-benefit analysis skills; but my Second Amendment rights are not subject to the whims or bigotry of an Ivory Tower statistics geek or a political Supreme Court Justice.

Weer'd Beard said...

I'm with Braden. I was anti-gun, and then I looked at the facts and decided to buy a gun and carry every day.

What I think Mr. Goddard is meaning is he wants gun owners to both give consideration and credibility to HIS "facts", being the "facts" bought and paid for by the Brady Campaign and the Joyce Foundation.

Remember the gun industry is dying, and most NRA members are in favor of gun bans!

Sean D Sorrentino said...

I left him a comment. Hopefully he will see it. It should leave a mark.

Chas said...

"I am not advocating that law-abiding and mentally sound people not buy guns."

That is exactly what he does advocate.
The habitual dishonesty of the people who would disarm us indicates that taking our guns would be just the beginning of our misery under these people.