Sunday, January 22, 2012


Gun control advocates like Ladd Everitt, Joan Peterson, Josh Sugarmann, Andrew Goddard and NYC Mayor Bloomburg's MAIG members would rather have this happen to you, your family or friends:

Than for you to be able to lawfully defend yourself w/ a firearm.

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45er said...

Man, I saw the video of the beating. Distant and grainy, but when I saw what they had done and to whom, it made my heart dark. Oh, to be standing nearby...

Robert Fowler said...

Since no gun was involved, the Bradyites will ignore this. Of c ourse if the man had defended himself with a gun, the criminals would be the victims and he would be a "concealed carry killer". It is my hope that the hypocrite Bradyites burn in hell. With Bloomberg leading the way.

Braden Lynch said...

Robert: I believe they will have to answer for their unintended defense of criminals and harm to law-abiding citizens.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, however, I am interested in positive results and firearms do provide them. The simple mathematics of defensive gun use versus criminal gun use shows them to be a HUGE net positive in society.

This argument does not even begin to address the idea of restraining rogue governments which are by far the greatest mass murderers in our history or the fact that the RKBA is enshrined in the Constitution.

You want to take away my firearms? Why don't you give up your First Amendment rights for a year and then come back to me to talk about your proposal?

Molon Labe!