Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not Just a Bigot, But an Ignorant Bigot

Andrew Goddard, head of the VA MMM, NGAC and religious bigot, defends the ATF allowing sales of firearms to the drug cartels:

So he doesn't even have a clue about the difference between 'Fast & Furious' and 'Wide Receiver' thrown in w/ a hefty dose of BDS and you have the leadership of gun control advocacy. Does he honestly think that the agency that determines licensing can't 'strongly encourage' dealers to do what they want, which was to sell thousands of guns to narco-trafficers?

On another note, lets see how long 'John Dalco's' comments last on the CSGV FB page.
UPDATE: Not long. All his posts have suffered 'reasoned discourse'.

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Pyrotek85 said...

"he doesn't even have a clue"

I think this sums it up lol

What's worse is they wanted the long gun reporting so badly, even when gun stores were voluntarily submitting information to the ATF. Just look at what they did with that info, does he really think they'll act any better when there are thousands of false positives for them to investigate?

Ken said...

One thing we tend not to consider: the absolute vileness of these anti-gun creeps is very unlikely to be restricted to gun issues. You very seldom have people who act like demons in only one area, and act like saints everywhere else.

One case in point: Michael Douglas, when he wasn't cheating on his wife, was beating her head in for having a problem with it. Eventually, he dumped her for a newer model.

I fully expect that Andrew Goddard is just as vile on non-gun-related topics as he is on this one issue. Maybe that's why his son is so messed up mentally.

One thing's for sure: I wouldn't let any anti-gun activist anywhere near my kids.

Incidentally, it shouldn't be that hard to get a P.I. to get the inside dirt on the private lives of some of these evil, scheming trash.

BobG said...

I think he knows perfectly well what was going on and is lying; just like he does any other time someone comes up with facts he doesn't like. The man is a dishonest fraud.

AztecRed said...

Nothing scares me more than those who condone the criminal actions of government.

If you ever wonder how countries end up like Syria or North Korea, it's because of people like Andrew Goddard who champion government corruption (as long as it serves their cause).