Monday, January 9, 2012

The Gun Industry Is Dying

That is the refrain that Ladd Everitt and Josh Horwitz are using in the face of overwhelming sales of not only firearms, but packed CCW classes and record profits by nearly every section of the firearm industry, from holsters to ammo. These are the kinds of justifications they use to deny reality:
  • Transactions are sometimes stopped at the point of sale because of declined payments (i.e., bad checks, canceled/refused credit cards, etc.).
  • Some states prescribe a waiting period for firearm sales. Sometimes, individuals never return to pick up a gun(s) after that period is concluded.
Seriously? That's the best they have?

Yeah it is. They are the equivalent to flat earthers and truthers. A modern version of late war Die Deutsche Wochenschau.

This is just another desperate attempt by political lobbyists w/ little to no public support to seem as if they are relevant in politics. As we've shown, they're not.

What they are is a small group of paid, anti-gun (not anti-violence or 'gun control') fanatics working out of a DC office w/ no concept of just how many thousands of people there are working against them. People NOT paid to be advocates by the 'gun lobby'.

Denial this deep is a mental condition. They need help.

Link fixed.

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greenmeanie said...

Wow, after reading that incrcedible piece of fiction I am convinced that the Brady Bunch will cease to exist this year.

greenmeanie said...

Did I say Brady Bunch? Sorry, I meant CSGV! But then again it all comes from the same Joyce stash anyway.

Weer'd Beard said...

Greenmeanie, both statements will hopefully true.

Now granted the Nazi party, and the KKK still DO exist in America these days, but they're fringe shells that don't compare to jokes like The Church of the Flying Spagetti Monster.

They are both Grabbing at straws, AND clutching at pearls.

Baghdad Bob comes to mind.

JayF said...

Sign of the times: The anti-gunowner advocates now must try to refute the MSM. It was not that long ago that the MSM could be counted upon to parrot the anti-gunowner talking points.

Has anyone noticed how many "women buying guns" articles have also appeared in the MSM lately? That may be the next target of anti-gunowner advocates: "It's not so! It's not!"

Pyrotek85 said...

If this is a sign of the industry doing badly, then how many sales and new owners would be a good year?

Ken said...

I'm getting a 404 not found. Do you have the right link?

Dylan! said...

I don't know how it works in free America since I live in CA, but I've never had an FFL run the NCIS before being paid in full for the firearm. So much for the "But...but...maybe the payment won't go through!"

And I've dealt with waiting periods, but who does he think he's fooling when he says people are gonna pay $500+ for something and just not bother to pick it up. Hell, everyone I know practically throws a party on that 10th day!

I doubt you'll ever get him to admit it, but we all know mr Horowits knows that NCIS checks are actually fewer than how many guns are sold. No taking into account for multiple sales in one transaction. No taking into account states where a CCW substitutes for the NCIS.

Pyrotek85 said...


For myself in PA, I fill out the paper work, they run the check, and when it comes back as approved they ring me up. You wouldn't prepay unless they were ordering in something that wasn't in stock, and even then the dealers I've dealt with have asked if I wanted to pay now or when it comes in.

I agree that it's BS that someone is going to pay hundreds for a gun ahead of time and just not come back for it.

Groundhog said...

If people like Debbie Wasserman Schultz can spew what they spew with a straight face in positions like hers, then people like the Brady campaign will likely always be with us and can be as incoherent as ever. Lets face it, somebody with money and an agenda will always front people like this. Likely they don't believe half of what they say but heck, if you get paid to spew, then you're gonna spew! Self respect is just detrimental to getting a paycheck.